Why do we have to give up control of our personal information, just to enjoy the convenience of a modern, digital lifestyle?

This is the key question that led us to found Volta.

We started Volta to develop technology to empower you to take back control of your personal information – to enable you to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle without having to hand over all your personal information to anyone and everyone that wants it.

Initially we focused on developing technologies and services designed to

  • Limit the ability of websites, browsers, apps and network operators to track your internet activity across devices and to collect your IP address, your locations and other personal information.
  • Enable secure one-to-one and group messaging, voice calls, video calls, and file transfer.

Now we have a vibrant technology community made up of teams of independent researchers helping to develop new technologies and services to

  • Prevent mobile operators (and the government agencies that rely on them) from tracking your location, your communications and your internet activity;
  • Inhibit the ability of social media to collect your information;
  • Empower you to conduct financial transactions without having to identify yourself or risk having your financial information collected, sold or stolen.

Thank you to everyone that has joined Volta and committed to supporting us in our efforts to empower you to change the game. To everyone else, please try Volta today and help us all to take back control of our personal information – to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle without having to give up our freedom.