I can’t make a payment. Why?

Payments may fail for various reasons. In the event of a failed credit card payment, these tips may be useful:

  • Don’t make repeated attempts to complete a purchase. This may result in multiple charges or temporary hold of funds.
  • Contact your credit card company. It is likely to have information about the failed transaction and the status of your account.

If you tried to make a purchase with a credit card but your account is still inactive, this may be due to:

  • Insufficient Funds
    • Check to make sure your bank account has enough credit to make the payment.
  • Incorrect Information
    • Double check the information you enter during your purchase matches the information on your credit card.
  • Expired Card.
    • Make sure the expiration date on your card has not passed.
  • Fraud Detection.
    • This may occur when making a payment while connected to a VPN or proxy server. Having an unusual IP address – such as an IP address from a different country than your credit card was issued – may also cause it.
  • The transaction was declined by the issuing bank. Contact your bank and allow future payments to the Volta Movement. Register all prepaid credit cards before using them for a purchase. If you have trouble registering your card, contact the card issuer.

Crypto Currency Payments

  • If you tried to make a payment with crypto currency but your account is still inactive:
    • Your transaction may not be confirmed in the crypto currency network yet. Please give it more time to process.
    • Your transaction might have timed out if you took too long to complete the payment. If that is the case, please try again.

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