Kill Switch is a feature that helps prevent unprotected access to the internet in which your traffic does not go through a Volta Protect server, even though you have activated Volta Protect. Sometimes the connection between your device and the Volta Protect server may be broken, whether due to changing your network connection (i.e. – from WiFi to an LTE connection) or due to any other disruption in your internet service. If Kill Switch has been activated when such a disruption occurs, all data communications to and from the device will be disabled until the connection with the Volta Protect server will be re-established. When activated, Volta Protect will always automatically attempt to reestablish that connection. If Kill Switch has also been activated, then the device will not transmit or receive any data until the secure, encrypted connection through Volta Protect has been reestablished. This ensures that no data will ever be transmitted to or from your device without the protection of Volta’s military-grade encryption algorithms.

To activate Kill Switch on an iOS device, you only need to toggle the Kill Switch on and then activate Volta Protect. When you will deactivate Volta Protect by toggling it off in the Volta Protect screen, Kill Switch will be automatically disabled. 

Recently, Android has made an update to their operating system that makes it impossible for Volta Protect to automatically adjust the device’s settings to enable the Kill Switch functionality. If you will activate Kill Switch on an Android device, a pop-up will appear explaining how to activate this functionality from your device’s Settings screen. Just go to Settings > Connections > More connection settings > VPN. Tap the cog icon next to Volta Protect and enable the Always-on VPN toggle switch.

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