Your communications on the internet are easily accessible to anyone who is online.

• Internet service providers may monitor your online activity and use your data for their own benefit.
• Hackers take advantage of unprotected networks to access your personal information across your devices.
• Governments can request logs of your activity online anytime they want.

Every little thing you do on the internet goes through your mobile network operator or the internet service provider (ISP) for your WiFi. A request is sent to the network operator or ISP to reach a website, and because of that your every move online is accessible to the network operator / ISP.

There are no technological limitations that prevent the network operator or ISP from tracking and logging your communications or online activity, selling the data to big corporations, or giving it up to the government. Unfortunately, almost no network operators or ISP’s actually protect their clients’ personal information. For most of them, selling your contacts, communications, internet activity and other personal information is an important revenue stream. And even the most trustworthy network operators and ISPs can be forced by the government to share all of your activity that they have collected.

That’s where Volta comes in.

Volta protects your communications, browsing, financial transactions and other online activity with multi-layer, military grade encryption. Volta hides your IP address and location, while also encrypting all of your activity and communications, so anything they collect will just be gibberish.

Try Volta today and take back control of your personal information!

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