Getting Started

Last modified: December 28, 2021

  1. Purchase a Subscription
  • Go to
  • Select a subscription plan
  • Create an account – enter an email address; enter password twice
  • Enter payment method and complete transaction


  1. Validate email address
  • Check inbox for email validation message from Volta
  • Open email validation message from Volta and tap the email validation link
  • Website should open to email validation screen
  • After successful email validation, website should then automatically go to the login screen
  • Login to account using email address and password


  1. Select Volta Private Number
  • Volta will present you with a Volta Private Number
  • You may
    • Accept Number – just tap the button, enter your password to confirm
    • Get New Number – tap this button to then select a new Volta Private Number by location or area code
    • Port In Existing Number – tap this button to port over your existing phone number. Please note that the ability to port in an existing number depends entirely on your current mobile provider.


Note: All Volta Private Numbers are US or Canadian numbers because only the US and Canada will issue phone numbers without requiring the provision of government-issued identification.


  1. Select SIM/eSIM
  • Select a physical SIM card
    • Pro: one physical SIM card provides seamless coverage in every country covered by Volta
    • Con: you must provide a physical delivery address to receive a SIM card
  • Select an eSIM
    • Pro: eSIMs are downloaded directly from Volta without requiring a physical delivery address
    • Con: each eSIM covers only one region of the world, and you will have to manually switch between eSIMs if you will travel from one region to another


  • Installing an eSIM:
    • When you select an eSIM, you will be taken to a page where a QR code will be displayed. This QR code will also be sent to you by email.
    • Please scan this QR code with the device on which you want to install the eSIM.
    • QR codes can only be scanned one time, so please be sure to scan it only with the device on which you plan to use the eSIM.



An eSIM may be used together with a physical SIM from a different operator. You should just configure your other operator’s SIM card for voice/sms and the Volta eSIM for data.

Your first SIM/eSIM is free. Each additional SIM card costs $10. Each additional eSIM costs $2.50.


  1. Activate SIM/eSIM
  • If you order a SIM card, you should wait until you will receive your SIM card before activating it.
  • Once you will receive your physical SIM card or download and install your eSIM, please log into My Account and select “Manage SIM”.
  • On the Manage SIM page you will see each SIM card and/or eSIM listed.
  • Next to the SIM/eSIM that you wish to activate, please tap the “Activate” button.


Note: This is also how you will switch between eSIMs if you will travel between regions of the world.


  • After activating your SIM/eSIM,
    • Please make sure that Cellular Roaming is active on your device.
    • Please set your device APN to “tn1”


  1. Download and use the Volta app
  • Download the Volta app, login with your Volta Private Number and password
  • Start using all the great benefits of Volta!



For your security, the Volta SIMs/eSIMs are data-only. As a result your phone’s regular “Phone” and “Messages” apps for making calls and sending SMS messages will no longer function.

To make a phone call or send an SMS, you should use the Volta app. Through the Volta app, you will be able to communicate with anyone – both other Volta users and non-Volta users.










Please wait while Volta completes activation

of your Volta Private Number.


















To use Volta Private Mobile, please Get a SIM.

Without a Volta SIM, you will be unable to use Volta Private Mobile.