Ignorance by Design

As a movement, Volta’s technologies were developed with the objective of changing the game. You should not have to choose between protecting your personal data and enjoying the convenience of a digital lifestyle. With Volta, you don’t have to choose.

No-Logs Policy

What you do is nobody’s business. Volta refuses to collect any of your information or activity. It’s simple: your data will never fall into the wrong hands because we don’t collect your data to begin with.

In order to ensure that our strict no-logs policy will never be broken, we have designed all of our technology and services from the very beginning with ‘Ignorance by Design’.

Our technology is designed so that it is impossible for us to access, collect or sell your personal information. By intentionally remaining ignorant, we are helping to ensure the safety of important information that could easily be abused by corporations, the government, cybercriminals and others.

Our ignorance by design prevents us from accessing and collecting your everyday activity. This includes:

Activity Logs
  • Your physical location
  • VPN servers or IP addresses
  • Browsing history
  • Downloaded files
  • Software used
  • Data transferred
Connection Logs
  • When you connect to the internet
  • Used bandwidth
  • Connection duration
      • Timestamps
      • Metadata
  • DNS queries
Communication Logs
  • Your contacts
  • Who you call
  • How long you speak
  • Content of your messages
  • What files you transfer
Other Information
  • Your physical location
  • Where you shop
  • What you shop for
  • Purchases you make
  • Software used
  • Payment methods

Our ignorance by design puts you in control of your personal information and communications.

How Our Design is Changing the Game

Volta goes above and beyond to keep your personal data in your own hands. Other providers, like Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Viber and many more, are quietly hoarding bits and pieces about you and your life. The person you message the most. The coffee shop you stop by every day before work. Your credit card transactions. Your Friday night plans. They know. And they’ll continue taking this data from you until they know you better than you know yourself. Volta knows none of that information about you, and we plan on keeping it that way. With Volta, enjoy the freedom of life without a digital chaperone tracking your every move.


Own a crypto wallet? Join the Volta Movement without leaving the slightest digital footprint.

Where Volta Exceeds

Where other apps fall short, Volta thrives. Our cutting-edge technology helps protect your personal information and communications from being stockpiled for later use by mobile operators, ISP’s, apps, browsers, websites, government agencies, banks, insurance companies, cybercriminals and anyone else. With multi-layer encryption that surpasses the recommendations of the NSA, Volta helps ensure your activity remains out of the hands of others.
Your location, the websites you visit, the messages you send and the conversations you have are none of our business. Unlike other providers, our No Logs Policy and Ignorance by Design ensure we have absolutely no access to your personal information or communications. Because we don’t collect your personal information, we can’t sell it, the government can’t demand it and hackers can’t steal it.