About the Volta Movement

Every day your personal information is siphoned off into a multi-trillion dollar industry. We think that should change. The Volta Movement empowers you to take back control of your personal information. Why should you have to give up your personal information to enjoy the convenience of a digital lifestyle?


VoltaProtect is a personal secure connection service that hides your IP address and encrypts your online activity and information. With Volta’s advanced technology, you can browse the internet knowing your online activities are protected from prying eyes.


VoltaSecure is a highly secure communications platform providing multi-level encryption of high definition voice and video calls, messaging and file transfers of any type. By using VoltaSecure, you can communicate safely without worrying about unwanted listeners.


VoltaMobile delivers you the most reliable, secure coverage worldwide with unlimited high speed, encrypted data on multiple networks in over 130 countries. Not even network operators will be able to track your location, communications or internet activity. You’ll stay connected and off the grid at the same time.

Member Offers

With your membership in the Volta Movement, get access to great deals on services you already use, like video streaming, music and more – without giving the providers of those services access to your personal data.

Ignorance by Design

Unlike most providers, we don’t monitor your private information, location or activities. We’ve designed our systems to make it impossible for us to collect your data, so we can’t sell your information, the government can’t request it and hackers can’t steal it.

Peace of Mind

With Volta, there is no need to sacrifice your personal information for the convenience of your digital lifestyle. Enjoy all your favorite digital activities without worrying about your internet activity, communications or personal data being collected, sold or stolen. It has never been easier to take back control of your personal information and give yourself peace of mind.