Reliable Coverage in over 200 countries
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Secure Communications
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Complete Privacy
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Stay connected and off the grid at the same time.


Unlimited SecureTalk - Text - Data

just $3.99


(regular price $9.99 / month)

* First 1GB of unlimited secure data is high-speed data. After that, data speeds slow to 256kbps or subscriber may purchase additional high-speed 5G / 4G LTE data at prices starting from $4.99 / GB, charged on a per MB basis, using the Volta Pay-As-You-Go option. See the full list of countries and prices here


Unlimited SecureTalk - Text - HIGH SPEED Data

just $29.99


(regular price $69.99 / month)

* Monthly rate includes unlimited, secure coverage in 200+ countries and unlimited , secure high-speed data in 44 of those countries. Additional charges may apply for high-speed data in the other 165+ countries where Volta provides coverage. See full list of countries and rates here


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Reliable Coverage in over 200 countries
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Privacy with Volta Anonymous Number
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Safe Mobile Payments with Volta Pay
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Encrypted Communications with Volta Secure Messenger
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Secure Browsing with Volta Protect VPN
Encrypts your activity and prevents online tracking.Turn it on with just the touch of a button.
Volta Pay
Safe, easy and private mobile payments without any data collection.
Volta Secure Messenger
A safe place to communicate with up to 50 people at the same time without worrying about unwanted listeners.
Volta Anonymous Number
Communicate securely without revealing your identity.
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Volta
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile $69.99 + tax
Volta $29.99 + tax
Talk / Text
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Constantly track all communications; ready to hand it over instantly to anyone that asks
Volta All talk and text uses multi-layer encryption; all in-network talk and text is completely peer-to-peer, meaning that we don’t have any information on your communications, so we can’t collect it
Location tracked
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Keep detailed records of your location 24 hours a day
Volta No location tracking, and Volta helps prevent network operators from collecting your location too
Internet activity collected
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Collect it all (searches, websites visited, etc.)
Volta Does not track any internet activity and provides Volta Protect VPN to encrypt all online activity and hide your IP address, helping prevent anyone from collecting your internet activity
Online shopping activity
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Collect everything they can
Volta Thanks to Volta Protect VPN, no one (not even Volta) can collect your online shopping activity
personal information (name, address, etc.)
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Collect it and share it with anyone that askes
Volta Completely anonymous - you do not need to provide any personal information. You can even pay with crypto-currency.
Sell collected data to 3rd-party data brokers
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Do – it’s an important revenue stream for them
Volta Volta is ignorant by design. We don’t collect your data, so we can’t sell it, government can’t demand it and hackers can’t steal it.
Secure Financial Transactions
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Offer nothing
Volta Volta Pay - enabling secure, private financial transactions with anyone, almost anywhere in the world without anyone tracking your activity
Secure multi-party voice & video calls
Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile Offer nothing
Volta Volta Secure Messenger supports encrypted messaging, file transfer, voice calls and video calls with up to 50 simultaneous participants.

All-in-one subscription

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