Stop Big Tech Tracking Your Every Move


Freedom is Just a Few Clicks Away

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Just join Volta Wireless and within minutes, not even network operators will be able to track your
  • Location
  • Identity
  • Communications
  • Internet Activity
  • Financial Transactions
  • and more!

Try Volta without providing any personal information.

Replace your current mobile provider.

Stop Big Tech tracking your every move.

Freedom is just a few clicks away!

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Unlimited SecureTalk - Text - HIGH SPEED Data

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Early Adopter Special - Limited Time Only (regular price $69.99 / month)

Price includes unlimited, secure high-speed data in 44 countries, including the USA, Europe, several countries in Asia, and South Africa. High-speed data also available in other countries. Additional fees may apply. See full list of countries and rates here.

Special Offer

Free TrialUnlimited Talk, Text
& High-Speed Data

Register for the chance to win a Volta Private Phone and get a 7-day free trial of Volta Wireless unlimited talk, text and data, with high-speed data in the US, Europe and several other countries. At the end of the trial period, pay just $39.99 per month. Special Offer - Limited Time Only (normally $49.99/month). No purchase necessary.

Includes unlimited talk, text and data in 200+ countries. See full list of countries covered by plan here.


Our all-in-one mobile app that helps you stop Big Tech tracking your every move, including

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Volta Private Mobile

Fast, Reliable, Secure, Unlimited talk, text and data in 200+ countries with no one tracking your identity, location or communications

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Volta Private Number

A completely anonymous phone number to make and receive phone calls and messages without providing any personal information and without anyone being able to track your communications.

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Volta Private Messenger

Encrypted Voice Calls, Video Calls, Messaging and File Transfer with up to 1,000 people at the same time without worrying about unwanted listeners.

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Volta Private Network VPN

Secure Browsing on up to 6 devices at the same time. Encrypts your internet activity and hides your IP address helping make sure no one can track you online.

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Volta Private Payments

Safe Payments to anyone, almost anywhere in the world with no fees and no one monitoring your financial transactions 

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Complete Privacy

Join Volta Wireless without providing any personal information. Volta Wireless never collects your identity, location, communications, internet activity, or financial transactions.

Volta Complete Privacy Guarantee

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Three levels of robust, military-grade encryption algorithms that surpass the standards used by the NSA, empower you to control access to your identity, location, communications, internet activity, financial transactions and more.

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No Data

Volta doesn't collect your data, monitor your communications or track your activity. So we can't sell your data, governments can't demand it, and criminals can't steal it.

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Makes It Easy

Get everything you need in one simple subscription. Take back control of your personal information with just a few taps in our easy-to-use app.

Fast, reliable 5G service
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Unlimited talk, text & high-speed data
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Encrypted Communications
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Secure Web Browsing
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Safe Mobile Payments
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Free International Roaming
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Taking back your privacy is easier than you think.
Get Complete Privacy in one subscription.

Try Volta for free

They use your data in ways you don't like.
There is a way to stop it. Now.
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Private Mobile

Enjoy Fast, Reliable, Secure Mobile Service practically anywhere. Stay connected and off the grid at the same time.

Fast, Reliable, Secure Mobile Service worldwide with unlimited talk, text and high-speed data on over 800 networks in 200+ countries. And no network operators will have access to your identity, location, communications or online activity.



All-in-one subscription

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This is a smart phone

Stop letting others use it as a
tracking device.


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