View, download, transfer and share all types of files securely with Volt Messenger’s state-of-the-art cryptography. With Volta Messenger you can transfer files of up to 50MB in size – more than 3X larger than with other messaging services. Along with large file transfer size, Volta Messenger also transfers files 3X faster than other messaging apps.

The Fastest File Transfer

Thanks to our unique, secure file transfer technology, Volta Messenger transfers files 3X faster than other apps.

Transfer Security: No Central Points of Weakness

All encryption and decryption, as well as file dividing and rejoining happen directly on the devices, not on any servers, ever.

End-to-End Encryption

All files are End-to-End Encrypted on the sender’s device, and only the receiver has the decryption key for the file. Volta never has the decryption keys.

File Division for Added Security

For stronger security, files being transferred are broken down into multiple pieces, randomized, and each piece is separately end-to-end encrypted. Only the receiving device has the key for decrypting and re-assembling the pieces.

No Copies Saved on Servers

When you send a file on Volta Messenger, your file goes through a temporary repository. Once your files reach their destination, they are automatically deleted forever.

One-time Secure Paths

For each file upload Volta Messenger generates a new one-time secure path, and then for each file download Volta Messenger generates another new, one-time secure path, ensuring that no one – not even the sender and receiver – can trace the path used to transfer a file.

Finally, A Messenger With All the File Transfer Fundamentals

With our Streaming Control Protocol, Volta Messenger has achieved file transfers 3X faster than other apps. And together with our Smart Internet Channel technology for data transmission and Internet Quality Adaptive system, Volta Messenger delivers the best user experience in the market today.

Volta Messenger Fast File Transfer

Always get lightning speed file delivery, regardless of file size, file format or unstable connections.

Resume your Download

If something unexpected happens – your WiFi connection drops, your phone battery dies – you don’t need to restart your download from scratch. Simply get back online, and you can resume your download from where it left off.

No File Type Limitations

Volta Messenger users can send, download and view files of any format and any size up to 50MB. Just tap the paperclip icon in the app and select the file(s) you want to send.









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