Protect yourself online through military-grade encryption with Volta Protect, so no one can compromise your personal data.

Why should I encrypt my online data?

Your connection to the internet is an open door to anyone that wants access to your personal data.

Mobile Operators and Internet Service Providers
They can track your internet activity and sell your data to anyone willing to buy it.

They take advantage of unprotected networks to access your personal information across your devices.

They can buy or simply demand logs of your online activity from network operators, ISP’s, app providers and others.

You need Volta Protect to close that door.

Here’s how your data can be exposed

Every little thing you do on the internet goes through your mobile operator or your internet service provider (ISP). That’s just how the internet works. To reach a website you have to send a request to the ISP, which directs you towards your destination. As a result, everything you do online is an open book for the ISP.

No technological barrier prevents the ISP from tracking and logging your online activity, selling the data to 3rd parties, or handing it over to the government. Mobile operators and ISPs that actually don’t sell their users’ data are almost non-existent. Even the most trustworthy ISP or mobile operator can be forced to provide your personal data and online activity to the government.

That’s where Volta Protect comes in.

Volta Protect routes all your internet traffic through a tunnel – an encrypted connection between your device and the destination on the web. Not only does the Volta Protect tunnel encrypt your data, but it also and hides your IP address and location. Like an armored van, it takes you from point A to point B in total secret, shielding you from any dangers that lurk outside.

Your mobile operator and ISP know that you are using data, but they can’t see anything that you are doing at all because it is all encrypted and all hidden by Volta Protect.

How does Volta Protect encryption work?

Your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) initiates a connection to a Volta Protect server. Once the device is authenticated, Volta Protect creates an encrypted tunnel.

Any data sent over the internet needs to be split into packets. So your private data is split, encapsulated and passed through the encrypted Volta Protect tunnel. When the data arrives at the Volta Protect server, the outer packet is removed to access the data within through decryption.

Your encrypted data looks like gibberish to any third-party observer:

  • No mobile operators, ISPs or hackers can read it, even if they manage to intercept it.
  • No government can get logs of your browsing history since there are none.

Connected to a Volta Protect server, you browse the internet in the cover of its IP address and location. And that IP address is being used at the same time by other Volta Protect subscribers. As a result, all of your activity gets lost in the crowd with everyone else’s activity.

With every new connection, your online identity switches to a new IP address, hiding you under a new cloak of encryption and combined together with a bunch of new Volta Protect subscribers.

If you think you don’t have something to hide, think again.

Medical history
Private conversations
Online banking credentials
Work emails
The list is endless.

Your mobile operator, ISP, app provider, browser and cybercriminals are constantly syphoning off every piece of personal data they can get to. If you do nothing to protect it, you might as well hand it over to them directly.

If you use the internet, you need Volta Protect.

Get military-grade encryption with Volta Protect

We have dedicated ourselves to empowering you to take back control of your personal data. Security and tech experts like CNET, PCMag, and BestVPN have praised the platform on which Volta Protect is built for providing superior encryption that is virtually uncrackable.

Unfortunately, without encryption, your personal data is not in your control. Third parties can easily access it through various lawful and unlawful ways. Your data is public by default. You have to take measures to make it private. And with Volta Protect, you can.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

AES is an encryption standard used and approved worldwide by governments, cybersecurity experts, and cryptography enthusiasts. Volta Protect uses AES with 256-bit keys, which is recommended by the NSA for securing classified information, including the TOP SECRET level.

How secure is AES?

No known practical attack can break this encryption. If you used a brute-force attack – which means checking all possible key combinations – you would need more compute resources than exist in the world today.

The number 256 refers to the key size, so 256-bit has 2^256 possible combinations. While it is true that any key can be broken given enough resources, AES with 256-bit keys is absolute overkill. To break it, you would need to build supercomputers – which cannot yet be built – that would work on decryption for billions of years.

Right now, there is not enough time in the universe to crack AES 256-bit encryption.

Volta Protect utilizes two different protocols

The Volta Protect app creates a tunnel to securely transport your data to Volta Protect servers using two different security protocols to determine how that tunnel is actually formed.


Internet protocol security (IPsec) operates with the newest version of the Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) to enhance security, stability, and speed. IKEv2/IPsec employs powerful cryptographic algorithms and keys, which are unbreakable by supercomputers. With computing power continuously increasing, and cryptography breakthroughs always around the corner, it’s important to stay one step ahead. That’s why Volta Protect uses the very adaptable Next Generation Encryption (NGE) with IKEv2/IPsec. No matter how fast the world changes, you will get state of the art encryption.


OpenVPN is an extremely versatile security protocol, which you can use both for UDP and TCP ports – for safe browsing, gaming, and live streaming. To guarantee the protection of your sensitive data, Volta Protect uses AES-256-GCM encryption algorithm with a 4096-bit DH key. The whole global cybersecurity community has a stake in OpenVPN since it has an open source code, which is freely available for review and modification. With every new bug report, with every new-found vulnerability, with every line of code, this security protocol gets stronger and better. It thrives on transparency.

Volta Protect selects encryption settings that suit you best

You don’t need to be a cryptographer to use Volta Protect – just download the app, log in, and connect to one of our many servers. One click encrypts your personal data.

While IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN have their pros and cons, both are dependable and highly recommended by experts everywhere, even the NSA. Either of these protocols is a safe option if you are concerned with taking back control of your personal data.









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