Built with user experience in mind, Volta Protect makes limiting access to your personal data easy.

Protect your internet traffic with easy setup

Using Volta Protect is as easy as preparing your morning coffee. Encrypt your online activity, hide your IP address and enable secure access to restricted content with just a few clicks.

Follow this simple setup:

  1. Join Volta by selecting a membership plan
  2. Download the Volta Protect App and login
  3. Turn on Volta Protect: The Volta Protect app will automatically direct your online traffic to the Volta Protect server best suited for your needs and location.

Go secure in a few seconds

Most encrypted internet services, like VPNs, make you spend time configuring your settings to identify the most suitable server. No time to spend configuring a complex VPN service? We created a top-notch algorithm to help you connect to the best available VoltaProtect server in seconds. Just click the Volta Protect button and get protected immediately. Secure any device with just a click.

3 more reasons to try Volta Protect

State-of-the-art encryption
You don’t have to be a cryptographer to use encryption — Volta Protect does everything for you. We secure your internet traffic with the 256-bit key AES encryption standard recommended by government institutions around the world, including the NSA. Enjoy cutting-edge security technology embraced by cybersecurity experts and cryptographers alike with just one click.

Stream with no interruptions
Volta Protect offers over 5,000 servers in 16 countries around the world. Our servers are spread across multiple continents, including North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. With our wide range of locations, you are always close to one of our servers, no matter where you are, ensuring your connection to the internet will be fast and secure.

Support 24/7
If you run into any problems, our qualified customer care team will find the best solution for you. Feel free to contact our friendly and smart support agents any time. We are eager to help you and solve your problems quickly and effectively.









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Without a Volta SIM, you will be unable to use Volta Private Mobile.